Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Capcicum Plant

I cant remember when was that i sown those seeds. I think it was in February 2008. Yes..!! its was summer, last year. I love buying capcicum, and there's one day, i simply want to sow the seed. So i just throw them into one of the pot, but nothing came out.

It's summer again..In early December 2008, juvenile leaves coming out, growing bigger and bigger, and i have learnt that it is a chilli type of plant. Later by end of the month, they started flowering and the 'round shape' chillies came out! oowhhhh it is a capcicum!!!

note: The plant is still small, approximately 1 feet high.

My Daun Kesum (Vietnamese Mint Leaves)

Look at them! Spot the diference..haaahhaaa obviously you can tell. Last 2 weeks, I was feeling very sick when i look at my daun kesum. I was wondering why is that it still look dying during this summer time. The leaves look so unhealthy and they keep dying. I tested the was extremely dry..OMG!!

so what i did..i repoted the plant, trying to loosen the soil to let them get sufficient nutrient. I removed the plant from the pot, trim all the dying root and leaves, put it back in the pot, replace with the new soil, apply some fertilizer and water them immediately. And here you gooo!! Dont you feel happy for me??

And now..i start thinking, what should i cook with this.. ;)) Laksam?? Nasi Kerabu?? Asam pedas?? what else???


before.. 2 weeks ago..

Monday, January 5, 2009

To continue again..

I think i better start write something here, from now on. I one is reading, but it's for my own note. It was soooo long since i left this page. Summer macam ni..spider pun banyak agaknyerr, buat sawang. **hehehehhhee**

I am on leave today. I am having toothache, it aching since last friday night. This is the worst toothache i ever had in my life.'s really painfull. I tak tidur malam since that friday night and due to that, i went to see the doctor on sunday morning. So doctor pun really pitty to me..gave me 2 days mc start from monday. owhhh what a releif!

And this morning, (tuesday), me & rezan went to see someone, for the 2nd time. I was so touch. Dia were so busy playing there. Tak sedar, ada 2 person were watching! hehehehe Kami tgk dia dari jauh..insyallah..we will see in person sometime in July. We miss you, darling!

Later in the afternoon, we went to the dentist. I dont want to keep that wisdom teeth anymore. It will cost me more. I know! I did the filing 3 years back, and it's decayed and started broken litle by little, later the filing came out! oushhhhhh!! I decided to remove it, and finally it was done! yehaaa.

**org lain sedih cabut gigi..aku??**