Thursday, February 28, 2008


Have a guess..what picture is that??? police..(nope), ambulance..(nope)
It was a towing truck!!

For the first time in my life (and even rezan), we sat in the towing truck. I had a trouble with my car yesterday.. :(

I was driving back home from work yesterday, and without any sign, my car gave a trouble in the midle of busy road in Randwick! It just that I cant turn on the engine! Owwh my god..what a coincident..ambulance came and gave a scream siren from the back!!!! I was driving the most front in the traffic light, when the light turn green, I cant move!!! hahahhaha. Out of the sudden there's a guy came and gave a helping hand, he pushed my car to the side road..oowhh thanks. ( i dont even managed to say thanks to him as he walked away just after that!) May god bless you..

I called rezan, he staraigt away came..luckily it happen near to rezan's school..(what a relief..). We then called NRMA, asked for help. The guy came and he said he cant fix it and he arranged a towing truck to send our car to mechanic..thing happened :(

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sydney Airport

Ita & Mus now in Malaysia. Photos taken while we were in airport to say bye to them! Owwhh dear, you know my feeling??? i wanna go too!! i wanna fly back home..i'm homesick at this moment! eehhhh..i cant see Rezan in here..oopss soory darling, i forgot to put you in the picture! :D

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Garden 'R' Us

Went to Garden.R.Us this morning to buy some potting mix. End up with photograhpy session by me hehehehe..i love to visit this place, hang around and have a look their plants, flowers, herbs and others. The Garden.R.Us peoples there quite friendly, as there always trying to help out with the ideas and solution. Good customer services! :-)